Şarkı Sözleri

Eminem ft. Ed Sheeran – Those Kinda Nights Şarkı Sözleri

Damn, girl, with your s*xy a*s, haha
Let me holla at you
D.A. got that dope
It’s one of those kinda nights

Yes, this beat’s takin’ me back to my D12 days
When we hit the club to go and hell-raise
Probably end up back in the cocktail waitress
And takin’ her straight back to the motel, ayy
Yeah, Bizzare’s tryna get a lapdance
Off a Xan next to Jack Dan’ (Ayo)
Stripper walk by, I’m like “Goddamn”
She’s like “That’s harassment,” I’m like “Yeah, and?” (Woo)
Holy Toledo, it’s Miss Ohio
That’s the best a*s I’ve seen in a while
We should be datin’, she’s from Cleveland
But she’s a bengal, this chick is catty
Is that a mini-skirt if it’s a maxi?
That’s the shortest thing for a dress since an addy
She said “F*ck off” and threw her liquor at me
It’s one of those kinda nights
Then I said, I said

If you wanna go hard tonight
Well then, the smoke and the bottle are on me, ah
Slip into the red dress you like
When we arrive, we probably won’t leave, ah
I love the way you move like that
When you push your body on mine, oh my
You wanna smoke, drink, dance until the sun rise
It’s one of those kinda nights

This beat keeps takin’ me back like my ex does
Only ’cause how good the s*x was
Hit up the next club, met Alexa
But she was so extra, called her etcetera
Had her like, “Oh my God
My whole iPod’s filled with your songs, I mow my lawn to ’em”
I said, “Oh my God, you know my songs?
That’s totally awesome, I’m Marshall, what’s goin’ on? Ah (Haha)
Seriously though, jokes aside, how you doin’? You straight?”
She said, “No, I’m bi”
She said, “Are you drunk?,” I said, “No, I’m high
I’m checkin’ out the chick,” she said, “So am I”
“What’s in the cup, let me see that
Girl, where the rest of that promethazine at”
She said, “Cool, gotta run out to my Cadillac though
And I’ll be like Fat Joe, and bring the lean back”
Then I said


Like the gas in the tank, she’s gettin’ low on me
Said she wants to go with me
I said, “Go with you where?” She said, “Out”
I said, “I’m a candle, I’ll go out if you blow on me”
Walk her out to the parkin’ lot, here comes the brigade
Turn like a flip page, 50 look sh*tfaced
Say peace to McVay and me and this chick take off like a sick day
Drivin’ around, I said, “Let’s pull over,” she said, “No problemo
Windows are dark tint, roll up the car windows
Monte Carlo in park, bumpin’ Bizarre’s demo
Gettin’ head in the bucket, Marshmello
Yeah, I never in the club met a woman worth knowin’
But if you’re ho’in
Opposites attract, I’m someone, you’re a no one
I’m high and you’re bi, I’m comin’, you’re goin’

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